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We offer several different methods of orthodontic treatment, but the end goal is always the same: that we get your teeth to line up and make you confident to laugh and smile again.

We put your teeth in place

Do you have crooked teeth or gaps that you are unhappy with? Orthodontics works just as well for adults as for children, and today there are methods that are completely invisible, as well as braces that can be removed if necessary. When you receive the treatment, together we will determine which method is best for your needs and your bite defect. We can offer several different methods of orthodontic treatment, all of which have their advantages.

A slow but effective process

Teeth sit firmly in the jawbone, but they can be made to move. The principle of orthodontic treatment is to adjust the braces in order to create a small pressure on the teeth that is allowed to operate over time. Once the teeth have moved, we further adjust the braces in the correct direction so that pressure is once again created. This process is repeated until the desired result is achieved. It is in fact the way that the pressure is set, as well as how the insertion and removal of the braces is done, that differentiates the various methods, however the basic principle is always the same.

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